End of Summer Shopping Wishlist

During these days, I'm in the mood for some shopping, so I decided to create a wishlist with some of the things I want to buy!
Even if I have a lot of bags in all shapes and colours, I really need to buy a shoulder bag. I prefer this type of bags because I find them really comfortable even when they are heavy and I found a nice H&M one in imitation leather. I really like it and the price is reasonable!

I never tried to use one of these curlers before, but all of my friends use it so I have decided to buy one! Maybe I will buy the KIKO one, I read some good reviews on Internet.

I usually check the time on my phone, but there are circumstances (e.g. during some particularly crowded subway journeys) in which I find really difficult to move freely and bring the phone out from my bag. A watch would totally be the perfect solution! I saw a very nice “Swatch” watch: It has bright colors and the quality of the material is really high. 
When I go to uni and I have to carry a lot of books, at the end of the day my shoulders hurt a lot. So I would like to buy a backpack to solve this problem! I like colorful things, so I found a really nice one on H&M website.

I already have a silver one and I love this type of shoes! They are really comfortable and easy to wear. I found an Oviesse pair that is decorated with a knit effect and I love its design!

Do you have a shopping wishlist?

Rereading Books

I am a nostalgic person, remembering the good times and hoping to live again the same emotions I once did. Same old story: maybe you’re having the time of your life right now and you don’t even know it. Pretty normal, I guess. 
There are ways to relive past emotions; it could be looking at photos or videos; it could be talking to a friend about something you’ve experienced together; it could be watching movies. But have you ever considered rereading books? I’m the only one who does it in my family. 

Why do I do it? 

Because it gives me that feeling I was craving; to feel those emotions again.
Books share stories that give me that feeling of belonging to their world. Sometimes I wish I actually did. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I bet you wished you’d go to Hogwarts, too! 

Now you all think I’m too nostalgic, but don’t worry; I appreciate my life right now, and I’m a goal-oriented person, so I think about the future constantly. I’m a (sort of) balanced person. 

Here the books I reread 
The Lord of the Flies (twice)
His Dark Materials Trilogy (twice, and started it again last Saturday)
Harry Potter (twice)

Books I want to reread
The Old Man and the Sea

Do you reread books? 

Book Review: The Book Thief

Rate: 5/5

July has ended and a book has been read.

Since watching the movie twice, I wanted to read the book as well. I enjoyed The Book Thief and I was lucky to read part of it at the beach. 
I read a couple of reviews some days ago; mostly they were praising it, but one was definitely not. The funny thing was that some of the elements that the person criticized were those I liked the most about the book. Points of view, right? 

I found intriguing the use of Death as a narrator. It was straightforward, sincere, empathetic, and with a sense of humor you can use when you talk about death. I enjoyed how the author described how Death took in its arms the souls – gentle, welcoming, healing. 

I love books where they anticipate events, even the ending of the book. And here you have that. It reminded me of One Hundred Year Solitude and The House of Spirits – books that belong in my favorites. Of course, the writing style is completely different and the anticipations in The Book Thief were much less detailed.

The characters in the book were fantastic! You adore Liesel, smile at the persistence of Rudy, laugh at the constant swearing of Mama Hubermann, want to hug Papa Hubermann. I liked Max’s character in the book; it was more shaped and well-defined than the one presented in the movie. Otherwise, the movie was a great transposition of the book overall. 

August's Book: A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf 

Have you read it? Do you prefer the movie or the book?

Refreshing Summer Recipe

When the temperature is unbearable (like in these days here in Italy) I am not really hungry, so I prefer to eat some light and fresh dishes. Last week I prepared some delicious watermelon, mozzarella and Italian ham skewers. It is a short but very tasty recipe!

  • some wooden skewers or toothpicks

  • small fresh mozzarella balls

  • some chunks seedless watermelon

  • some cucumber slices

  • some thin ham slices

  • minced fresh basil

  • balsamic glaze

Preparation time: 15 mins

On the skewers or toothpicks, thread one mozzarella ball, then one piece of the watermelon, a piece of the cucumber and lastly a slice of ham. Repeat as needed to fill the skewer or toothpick (for example I do two rounds on each skewer).
Place the assembled skewers on a serving tray. Sprinkle with fresh basil, then drizzle generously with the balsamic glaze. Serve and try this yummy recipe!
You can also assemble the skewers in advance, just don’t sprinkle the basil and drizzle the balsamic glaze until right before serving!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, try it and let us know!

The petite girl and the yoga challenge

Once upon a time a lovely blogger called Sophie decided to create the #yogatogether challenge, in which you had to do yoga for 30 days. A petite girl called Virginia decided to join in, but she had no idea of what she could possibly get from it.
She started following Adriene’s videos, and each day she followed her instructions. She loved the yogi’s quirky and encouraging personality, and she enjoyed the first practice so immensely that she committed to do it for the whole month.
‘What an experience!’ she thought.
Her motivation to join was only linked to strengthen her body, but she gained so much more. You could see her walking more and more confidently day after day, with her nice and tall posture and the relaxed shoulders. But what she could see distinctly at the end of the month was her awareness of her own body, her appreciation for its strength and endurance, and even its own beauty.

After the challenge was completed she decided to continue practicing yoga and she lived happily ever after.

Summer Essentials

We are officially in the summer season and if you are planning to spend your holiday at the sea, you will need a properly stocked beach bag, that can help you optimize your time at the beach. Next week me and Virginia are going to spend some days in Puglia, in the South of Italy, and I'm already thinking about what I have to bring with me. So I decided to share with you my beach bag must-haves!

  • Sunglasses
They are at the top of my list when it comes to outdoors summer activities. They protect me from the sun and they are very useful when I want to lay in the sun reading a book!

  • Hat
I always keep a hat in my bag; it protects me from the rays that hit my face and my neck, especially during the hottest hours.

  • Sunscreen
Protection from harsh rays is a must. I want a tan but also healthy skin!

  • Lip balm
I have always cracked lips, but sun and salt water make the situation worse. So I always have a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and protected.

  • Towel
I prefer to have a very big towel, so I can lay down and enjoy the sun... But of course, I also use it to dry myself after going into the water.

  • Water bottle
Being in the sun for hours can leave you dehydrated, for this reason I always have a bottle of water with me!

  • A book or some newspapers
I love reading under the sun, it makes my time more enjoyable and pleasant.

  • Hair ties
When it’s hot outside, the last thing I want is my hair sticking to my face and neck! It's a very annoying thing, so I always tie it up.

June Favorites

Let’s say goodbye and thank you to June. Summer has started, the weather has warmed up, and our holidays are approaching! We had exams this month (still some in July #itneverends), but we sure had our breaks eating ice cream and walking in the sun.
Today we want to share our monthly favorites, which will be posted at the end of each month with everything that we found useful and interesting.

Virginia’s Favorites
- TV Show: Sense8
This is a recent show by Netflix. The first 20 minutes are kind of creepy and scary (I get scared easily, don’t judge), but after that you get the sense of main plot and you will fall in love with all the characters. My favorite? Sun! She is awesome! Another great thing about the show? The soundtrack.

- Song: What’s up? by 4 Non Blondes
It’s not a new song for sure, but I listened to it again when I was watching Sense8. I feel like this song is my life soundtrack; I think it reflects well what it feels like being a young adult.

- Human: Coco from Light by Coco
I discovered her last year when I looking around minimalism videos on Youtube. I got hooked by her amazing content and immediately subscribed. She is has also an amazing personality; I would totally be her friend in real life!  

- Experience: Starting TTN
Ok, we started this blog in May, but June was our first full month blogging. I love having something new that we share, it’s like we have gone even farther with our friendship.

Chiara’s Favorites
- Song: Lean On by Major Laze
It's a pretty new song and I love it: it's energetic and good for dancing! Every summer I find a song that becomes my “Summer Soundtrack” and for this year the final choice is definitely this one.

- Food: Italian ham and melon
During the months when the temperature is very hot, I prefer to eat something light, especially for lunch. This dish is easy and refreshing; I cut the melon into little pieces and then I wrap them with the ham: delicious! Otherwise, you can eat them separately, as you prefer.

- Product: Body cream with essence of sugar cane and cocoa by Erbolario
Erbolario is an excellent Italian brand which sells high-quality creams, lotions, shampoos and more. I love this particular kind of cream because it leaves your skin nourished and soft and its scent is very good.

- Movie: Fury
Being totally honest, I decided to watch it just for Brad Pitt. But it was worth it! I generally like this kind of war movies, so I appreciated it a lot!

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